The Dake Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACE) is the ultimate driver of optimal Operational Analytics underwritten by Dake’s unique methodology called the Common Sense Business Approach. Designed to fit seamlessly into your organization, the ACE covers the governance, technology, process, people and architecture aspects of the business. This allows Dake to absorb existing data analysts and technical staff of a client into the Centre of Excellence, to work alongside the Dake consultants. All predictive analytics and information are driven directly from the ACE to reporting dashboards. The ACE is established independent of existing client analysts and technical staff. The ACE will serve to act as a tool for internal analysts and R&D teams to derive information from and then to work on for themselves to drive through to management and other relevant parties.

The ultimate driver

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Our ACE is the ultimate driver of all analytics within an organization.

At the very heart of our analytic solutions offering is “ACE” – Analytics Centre of Excellence. Our ACE  is the ultimate driver of all things analytic within an organization. Integrated within an existing organizational structure, the ACE is operated by Dake and integrates seamlessly in an organization to drive every facet of analytic in the most efficient and optimal manner possible.

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The ACE is governed by the unique methodology called the “Common Sense Business Approach” (CSBA). This common sense approach to analytics steers ACE in a direction which benefits the organization upfront and at multiple points along the journey.

Simply put, Dake is: