This one stop Enterprise Performance Management Solution, eKAWA, can be used across the organisation for creating, capturing & monitoring KPIs/Measures. This solution improves data integrity and simplifies the process of collecting and reporting of KPI information. Dake’s eKAWA System is a stable KPI/Measure Capturing solution that is simple and easy to use. Complex calculations do not have to be performed by the users – instead, the raw data can be provided, from which the system will do the calculations automatically.


eKAWA benefits are as follows:

  • A stable solution – users will have access to the solution anytime and from anywhere;
  • Data loss prevention – when a user has captured the data, it resides in one central location;
  • Granular access and authorization management – allow people only to see what is relevant to their business unit or role and allow only the authorized people to capture, update or approve KPIs;
  • Mobile platform ready;
  • Be able to use a single solution for various levels of KPI/Measure capturing;
  • Notify people when a KPI/Measure capturing is due, and the cycle is about to be closed;
  • Allow for a KPI/Measure to have any of these frequencies: yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly