Dake Rytm replaces the need for timesheets. You can log your time in real-time and stop when you’ve completed a task. Automated notifications are sent when a task or project is assigned to you and updated. You can view all the tasks and projects assigned to you like a dashboard.

You can also apply for leave, submit your travel and other expenses. You can view HR and management notices. You are also able to send internal messages to your peers, serving as a messaging platform. You can also use sticky notes to do your to-do-list.


  • Better Resource Allocation – Dake Rytm makes it possible to keep track of time spent on previous projects, enabling better resource allocation on the next.
  • No Timesheets – No manual timesheets as Dake Rytm is automated. This saves time for employees and HR.
  • Costing – Allows project managers to do costing for projects and resources.  An automated invoice can be generated at the end of the month.
  • Increase in Efficiency – Dake Rytm makes it possible to track tasks for analyzing time spent on said tasks.
  • Coordination – Dake Rytm makes it possible to coordinate tasks with others using the platform.
  • Leave – Employees can apply for leave, HR can track leave etc. 
  • Reports – Resource allocation, Time spent on each project, Current and Pipeline projects etc., can be generated.