Contact Person: Dika Modise

Project Number: ES003

Project Duration: 2017 - 2018

Description of Situation

Existing inadequate data integration implementation resulted in challenges of sharing data across departments and platforms, which resulted in the following:

  • Data categorization and classification
  • Multiple Database environments
  • Multiple copies of same data
  • Increasing impact on Source due to multiple extraction processes
  • Numerous complex ETLs
  • Performance issues (Databases, ETLs, Reporting Environments)
  • Lack of usage statistics on reports and dashboards
  • Lack of standardization on solution development patterns etc.



Dake conceptualized, designed, built, implemented, and maintained an Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACoE)​ that supported the delivery of data components of solutions and data migration thus ensuring that the data infrastructure provided the required performance, availability, capacity. ACoE included the following high-level approach: governance, incubate, resources, business support, core capabilities. The following was also established;

  • Reports and analytics for required time periods,
  • Detailed audit logs available for assurance purposes,
  • Training to key stakeholders,
  • Managed ongoing system support provided etc.

Technology Used