Dake AI.

We Create and Deploy AI Models

Data is the new currency, but simply having it is not enough. Raw data needs to be converted into meaningful and actionable information, knowledge, and insights. Dake Solutions brings advanced technologies and proven, domain-relevant processes that enable organizations to put Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work to digitally transform their organizations. Through our R&D Department, we can accumulate and process massive amounts of data and via the Cloud, apply AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to create useful insights, thereby helping our customers make better business decisions, and also bridge the gap and understanding of advanced analytics and AI.

Dake solutions, through its various departments, drives this service by offering the best-in-class Analytics and AI with solutions based on the following: Data Management, Data Visualization and Business Intelligence, Machine Learning/Predictive Analytics, Deep Learning, Semantic Interoperability, Extract, Load and Transform to name but a few.


  • Identifying Root Causes – Dake’s Advanced Analytics can detect the exact problem for an issue with ease.
  • Deeper Insights – Dake’s Advanced Analytics predicts numerous factors that may affect business such as discount prices during marketing campaigns, sales with respect to the market conditions, etc. It can also be used to gain a deeper understanding of certain key aspects including the market, customer choices, procurement trends, quality, etc.
  • Identifying and Managing Risk – Dake’s Advanced Analytics enables the use of past and current data to detect quality customers. It enables the ability to undertake business decisions more effectively.
  • Increase in Efficiency and Productivity – Dake’s Artificial Intelligence handles tasks at a pace and scale that humans can't match. Dake’s AI removes such tasks from workers' responsibilities which then allows those workers to move to higher-value tasks that technology can't handle. This allows organizations to minimize the costs associated with performing mundane, repeatable tasks that can be performed by technology while maximizing the talent of their human capital.
  • Improved Speed of Business – Dake’s AI enables shorter development cycles and reduces the time it takes to move from design to deployment and results in delivering better ROI.
  • New Capabilities and Business Model Expansion – Implementing AI brings opportunities for business delve into new areas. Dake’s AI helps the business discover new abilities to use which ultimately opens new doors.
  • Better Customer Service – Dake’s AI facilitates personalization and customization of products, services, and interactions which leads to more positive customer experiences.
  • Improved Monitoring – Dake’s AI has the capacity to process massive amounts of data in real time which leads to the implementation almost immediate monitoring capabilities that can alert to issues, recommend action and even initiate a response.
  • Better Quality and Reduction in Errors – Dake’s AI brings reduction of errors as well as uniformed usage of established standards. Combining Dake’s AI and machine learning provides faster processes and a reduction in errors, and it will be trained to improve itself and take on broader tasks.