Across the Organization.

Scalable Architecture and Effective Governance

Dake Solutions uses bespoke enterprise architecture to provide a holistic view of the processes, data, application systems and technology infrastructure that exists within organizations. This holistic view, or blueprint, provides strategic context for planning the evolution of institutional information systems into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supports the delivery of business strategy.

Dake uses principles when making any decision regarding the use, selection, evolution and integration of all information systems resources and assets at any organization. These principles are inter-related and need to be applied as a cohesive set. Each principle is considered in the context of “all other things being equal”. There are times when a decision will need to be made regarding which principles will take precedence on an issue. When those situations arise, the rational for the decision needs to be recorded. The recorded rational will be used to inform future decisions on the initiative and allow for the consistent application of the principles.

These principles provide guidance and direction for the use and evolution of any set of information systems. Deviating from the principles may result in unnecessary and avoidable long-term costs and risks. As such, Dake Solutions ensures that deviation from the solution-set bound by these principles requires the explicit approval of the relevant governance protocol through Dake’s own designated Architectural Governance process.


  • Dake Architecture and Governance assists with the establishment of a common vision, with improved Business – IT Alignment.
  • Assurance and evidence that data is managed effectively reduces regulatory compliance risk and improves confidence in operational and management decisions.
  • Known individuals, their responsibilities and escalation route reduce the time and effort to resolve the data issues.
  • Increased capabilities to respond to change and events faster through joint understanding across users and IT.
  • Reduced system design and integration effort.
  • Reduced risk of department silos and duplication leading to reconciliation effort.
  • Dake Architecture and Governance assures improved Business Agility, thereby reducing Business and IT Risk.
  • Dake Architecture and Governance are technology-based innovations, that improve Technology and process standardization.