Seamless Automation.

We Help Businesses to Boost User Efficiency and Productivity While Reducing Costs

As businesses migrate to the cloud or are beginning to leverage the cloud to drive revenue and growth, Dake Solutions helps businesses to not just manage cost savings in this regard, but to use the Cloud to allow for seamless automation, backup and disaster recovery where required.

Although the cloud can sometimes be intimidating, there’s a reason that cloud adoption continues to increase each year. Our team at Dake Solutions is here to help businesses leverage the power of the cloud, specific to customer business requirements, meeting all standards of regulatory compliance. 

Our Managed Services offering at Dake Solutions ensures that the operations and management of technologies are maintained at the highest level, leveraging our seasoned staff. At a high level, we provide end-user support by monitoring and helping businesses to boost user efficiency and productivity while reducing costs by outsourcing or augmenting the required services on demand.


  • Reliable – Dake’s Cloud Managed Services guarantees service round the year, even if a server suddenly stops functioning.
  • Backup/Disaster Recovery – Dake’s Cloud Managed Services offers easier backup and recovery as compared to physical devices.
  • Huge Storage Capacity – Dake’s Cloud Managed Services has unlimited capacity, and there is no limit to storage space when it comes to data accumulation. The availability varies as per need.
  • Cost Effective – Building servers can be extremely expensive and time-consuming. Dake’s Cloud Managed Services has the provision of limited payment, making cloud services cost effective.
  • Easy accessing of information – With Dake’s Cloud Managed Services, one can easily access their account from any part of the world, regardless of the location.
  • Usability – Dake’s cloud storage services has the facility to allow users to drag and drop files between the local storages and cloud storages. This enhances the flexibility of usage.