Digital Transformation.

We Help Organizations Achieve Their Digital Transformation Dream

Changes to the world of technology are elevating industry leaders and leaving incumbents behind. Today's corporate real estate can be fitted with technologies such as 3D printing and Internet of Things (IoT)-compatible machinery. The systems within these revolutionary technologies let organisations process orders, manufacture products, and, in some cases, ship products to market faster. Dake Solutions propagates and has a specialised unit that uses and creates solutions in IOT and cutting edge technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  Through these technologies, Dake Solutions helps organisations improve the health of core processes in real time and let customers track progress at each stage of fulfilment. This helps the business fix the areas where they would normally struggle to keep up with inefficient processes. Industry wide RPA is proving to be the solution to those problems and the key to achieving digital transformation.


  • Dake’s IOT, Digitization and RPA enables the considerations of new needs and services.
  • It also uses existing systems to integrate the data use for businesses.
  • Dake’s IOT, Digitization and RPA platform assists with scalability, multi-protocol and multi-technology management, as well as the use and monitoring of devices.
  • It also enhances performance and reliability. It looks at standard versus proprietary protocols.
  • Dake’s IOT, Digitization and RPA ensures the security and privacy of an organization. It assists with protection of public and customer data.
  • Dake’s IOT, Digitization and RPA enables the organization to monitor and control IOT services centrally.
  • It also allows the gathering of data to make better decisions to benefit the organization.