Organization Growth.

Unique Approach that Resonate your Organization

Since 2003, Dake Solutions has been partnering with progressive organizations that understand that planning with well researched foresight is significantly preferable to hindsight, based on missed opportunities. Through Dake’s Growth Market Department, we offer strategic consulting services that will include executive level planning and advisory services to our clients. This is so that our clients are enabled through our consultants, to use, gain and maintain a positive business direction. The Growth Market department of Dake is primed up to help your organization to devise, test, and deploy strategies based on substantive data and thorough research, so that businesses get a clearer path to staying ahead of the competition.


  • A Clear and Unbiased Perspective – Investing in a strategic consultant will help with growing your business. Dake brings originality, creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking that create the right solutions.
  • Innovative and Fresh Take – Dake has a fresh perspective and has a unique way of generating new ideas that haven’t been considered by others. Our experts provide dynamic approaches to solutions.
  • Leadership – Dake provides leadership and handles challenges by creating an environment of cooperation and mutual respect.
  • Results-Oriented – Dake is focused on achieving the goals set out. Dake is experienced in determining the right goals and milestones and the specific results that will lead to a successful outcome.