Putting data to work

Analytics Services

Dake, together with its ACoE partners, will assist the Organizations in ensuring that it's data is managed properly, according to the policies and best practices, to reap optimum value and benefit from its data analytics service hub.

ACoE Methodology

Dake follows a two phased approach:

  1. Create platform: Implementation of Analytics Centre of Excellence.
  2. Use Cases: Each use case will be handled as a project and will follow where applicable the following process:
    • Foundation: Identification and Integration of Source Systems
    • Solution: Data Models, Business Rules and Visualization
    • Co-Ordination, Control and Analysis: Manage initiatives and requirements gathering.


Implementation of a unified solution will provide a more integrated and standardized process to manage and monitor key risks across the Organization and reinforce greater transparency, underpinned by one version of the truth.

Below are some of the best practices that Dake offers for the benefit of a PMO to deliver:  

  • Continuous collaboration across assurance functions, which creates a holistic picture of risk;
  • A “single version of the truth” - provided to all employees, auditors and regulatory bodies
  • Accuracy of risk and control information that enables stakeholders to make fast, risk-informed business decisions
  • Effective compliance programmes to address constant changes in regulations, technology and the business
  • Consistency in measures and comprehensive insights into the internal operating environment
  • Proactive response to risks by breaking down restrictive functional, business and organizational silos
  • A Unified operating model for the business with the agility needed to manage emerging risks
  • Cost efficiency of assurance