A Centre of Excellence (COE)

A Centre of Excellence (COE) is at heart a group of people – experts in business process management, customer relationship management, and business domain, equipped with an arsenal of best practices and tools. Dake Solutions is a market leader in establishing this type of hub within the organizations that we work. We embed ourselves and set about each COE with the end in mind. The Ultimate goal is having a mature COE which will become a self-directing entity responsible for supporting business users and shepherding complex projects to successful completion.

The purpose of a typical Dake Solutions COE is to empower organizations to get the most out of the Dake Solutions Technology stack, not only within key teams but across an entire organization. A COE links the big picture strategy with the day-today operations, documents, lessons learned and best practices, and makes it easier for different groups to reuse and adapt proven solutions. Because it brings together smart people and cutting edge technology from all parts of the enterprise, a COE can also play an important role in an organization's digital transformation.


  • Dake’s Centre of Excellence gives visibility to an organization and its commitment to innovation.
  • Dake Solutions CoE will assist in further enhancing knowledge transfer and synergy between BPM projects.
  • It will eliminate risk as it is free from pressure of everyday business.
  • Implementation of a Centre of Excellence will reduce project risk through improved controls and strong technical governance.
  • The organization will be empowered to be able to leverage reusable components across enterprises.
  • Dake’s Centre of Excellence also provides flexibility to innovate effectively and efficiently.
  • Implementation of Dake’s Centre of Excellence in an organization will help monitor costs easily
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