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ACoE Methodology

Dake follows a two phased approach:

  • Create platform: Implementation of Analytics Centre of Excellence.
  • Use Cases: Each use case will be handled as a project and will follow where applicable the following process
  • Foundation: Identification and Integration of Source Systems
  • Solution: Data Models, Business Rules and Visualization
  • Co-Ordination, Control and Analysis: Manage initiatives and requirements gathering.

Analytics Services

Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics

  • Summarizes historical data.
  • Identifies patterns in past events.
  • Provides insights into what happened and why.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

  • Unlock Insights with Advanced Techniques: Leverage our expertise to extract insights using sophisticated methods.
  • Precision Forecasting: Forecast future outcomes with exceptional precision.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Receive strategic recommendations driven by advanced analytics, derived from a deep understanding of your historical data.

Text and Big Data Analytics

  • Empowerment through NLP: Enhance your organization with natural language processing capabilities derived from advanced techniques.
  • Effortless Handling of Complex Data: Tackle large and intricate datasets with ease, thanks to our proficiency.
  • Insightful Data Uncovering: Uncover meaningful insights using tailored algorithms for your text and big data analytics needs.

Industry-Specific Analytics

  • Custom Solutions for Industry Challenges: Benefit from tailored solutions crafted for your organization.
  • ML Applications for Specific Challenges: Address industry challenges with applications designed for healthcare, finance, supply chain, and more.
  • Enhanced Operations with Advanced Insights: Optimize operations with insights that transcend traditional analytics.

Specialized Analytics

  • Targeted analytics for specific purposes.
  • Examples include web, social media, and fraud analytics.
  • Addresses unique challenges within specific domains.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

  • Evaluates the organization’s current state of analytics capabilities.
  • Provides insights into strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Guides organizations in developing a roadmap for enhanced analytics maturity.

Advisory Consulting Services

  • Offers strategic guidance for analytics implementation.
  • Assists in defining goals and objectives for analytics initiatives.
  • Provides expertise in optimizing analytics processes for maximum impact.

Global Standards

Certified experts in leading analytics frameworks and methodologies

Rigorous data security and privacy standards

Commitment to ethics - unbiased insights that benefit you.

Best practices for modelling, validation, and communication


Descriptive Analytics

Reporting, visualization, drill-down analysis.

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting models, simulations, what-if analysis.

Prescriptive Analytics

Optimization, recommendations for business decisions.

Text Mining and NLP

Extract insights from unstructured text data.

Big Data Analytics

Tools and techniques to harness large, complex data.

Custom Dashboards

Interactive reporting tailored to business needs.

Embedded Experts

Analytics talent and guidance embedded within your teams.

Managed Services

End-to-end execution and operations support.

Advisory Services

Analytics strategy, audits, program leadership.

Technical Integration

Seamless connections to your data sources and IT systems.

Ongoing Innovation

Continued enhancement of techniques, tools and outputs.

20 years of experience across

Financial, Mining, Utility, Healthcare, Public sector, etc.
  • Proven thought Leaders in the Analytics Space
  • Deep analytics expertise across technologies and industries.
  • Custom solutions tailored to your goals.
  • Focus on business impact and ROI and Benefits Realization
  • End-to-end capabilities from data to insights.
  • Seamless integration with your tech stack.
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